9 Best Gambling Applications for Android
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9 Best Gambling Applications for Android

Gambling Applications

9 Best Gambling Applications for Android

Gambling is a fun activity, especially during these times when you’re stuck at home. Despite the harmful effects, it can cause to people on a large scale. There is no doubt that gambling is a fun activity. Google Play store for android and the Apple App Store do not allow gambling applications that involve playing with real money. However, some top applications have introduced fake money, so that the gamblers enjoy the benefits of it, without indulging in malicious activity. Let’s check out nine such android apps.

Huuuge Games

It is a developer on the Google play store that creates tons of different gambling games. However, they specialize in slot machines and even provide free welcome coins and bonuses. It involves real money, only when you have to buy coins to gamble, but that is ultimately the user’s decision.



It is a sports app, where you first pay money and join the leagues and then win money if you win the tournaments and leagues. The app includes sports like baseball, football, basketball and many others. Although the app has undergone quite a bit on controversies because it involves real money, it is still enjoyed by the users.


It is a competitor of the fantasy sports app mentioned above. It follows the exact procedure to play the leagues, and you can win real money if you win the leagues and tournaments.

Big Fish Games

This is another game developer on Google play store that has developed most of the gambling games we see online today. From your favourite slot games to the casino games, you can find all kinds of games in this application. The app is also considered a good start for beginners, as they have a variety of options to choose from.

GSN Games

GSN is another famous developer of many variations of gambling games but specializes in video poker and slots. Many of their games have flaws, but the animations and the background details are worth trying for any gambling lover in the world.

Inlogic casino gambling games

They provide a lot of gambling games in the form of applications on play store. You mainly play against the bots, instead of real people and the first game to appear is blackjack. An advantage of this app is that they allow for customization of poker chips and the themes of the mini-games.



It is one of the top popular gambling applications. It is the same company that creates the popular game Farmville. They specialize in customize slot games, even based on TV shows and characters.

Yahoo Fantasy sports

Although there is no in-game payment for the games that you choose to play, you can create leagues with your friends and play matches against them for real money, if not, you can always use their free services and play for free. Both way, it is entertaining.

World series of poker

It is the best online poker game which offers tournaments and special events that supports variations of poker like Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

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