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9 Best Gambling Applications for Android

Gambling is a fun activity, especially during these times when you’re stuck at home. Despite the harmful effects, it can cause to people on a large scale. There is no doubt that gambling is a fun activity. Google Play store for android and the Apple App Store do not allow gambling applications that involve playing with real money. However, some top applications have introduced fake money, so that the gamblers enjoy the benefits of it, without indulging in malicious activity. Let’s check out nine such android apps.

Huuuge Games

It is a developer on the Google play store that creates tons of different gambling games. However, they specialize in slot machines and even provide free welcome coins and bonuses. It involves real money, only when you have to buy coins to gamble, but that is ultimately the user’s decision.



It is a sports app, where you first pay money and join the leagues and then win money if you win the tournaments and leagues. The app includes sports like baseball, football, basketball and many others. Although the app has undergone quite a bit on controversies because it involves real money, it is still enjoyed by the users.


It is a competitor of the fantasy sports app mentioned above. It follows the exact procedure to play the leagues, and you can win real money if you win the leagues and tournaments.

Big Fish Games

This is another game developer on Google play store that has developed most of the gambling games we see online today. From your favourite slot games to the casino games, you can find all kinds of games in this application. The app is also considered a good start for beginners, as they have a variety of options to choose from.

GSN Games

GSN is another famous developer of many variations of gambling games but specializes in video poker and slots. Many of their games have flaws, but the animations and the background details are worth trying for any gambling lover in the world.

Inlogic casino gambling games

They provide a lot of gambling games in the form of applications on play store. You mainly play against the bots, instead of real people and the first game to appear is blackjack. An advantage of this app is that they allow for customization of poker chips and the themes of the mini-games.



It is one of the top popular gambling applications. It is the same company that creates the popular game Farmville. They specialize in customize slot games, even based on TV shows and characters.

Yahoo Fantasy sports

Although there is no in-game payment for the games that you choose to play, you can create leagues with your friends and play matches against them for real money, if not, you can always use their free services and play for free. Both way, it is entertaining.

World series of poker

It is the best online poker game which offers tournaments and special events that supports variations of poker like Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

Top 4 Advantages of Gambling

We all know that gambling is not always in the excellent book, and not under the best light. Despite all false claims and myths about gambling that’s been going around for ages now, we’re here to tell you that responsible gambling has more advantages than you expect. Since a majority of the population is not aware of these health benefits of gambling, they often tend to avoid it, and hence they’re missing out on a lot of fun. Some of the health benefits of gambling are mentioned in this article that you might not be aware of. Check them out below!

Brings Happiness

It is a well-known fact that any form of entertainment in life ought to bring us happiness and gambling is one that falls under the same umbrella. A study by the Behaviour analysis and therapy of Southern Illinois University states that responsible gambling can improve the mood and have positive effects on the mind, which brings happiness. The study also witnessed an increase in satisfaction among people when they gambled for an average of 30 minutes when compared to the ones that chose television for their source of entertainment.

Enhances skillset

Gambling includes games that often require a sharp mind. Games like blackjack and poker cannot be mastered without having the right skills and mindset for it. It works your brain. In ways, you don’t know existed.



It helps in socializing among different individuals. It involves communication and laughter among people, that can help bring people together. Studies have proven that this also helps in building a relaxed state of mind when socialized with strangers in a casino. Unless you choose to play one-person army games like slots and roulette, games like blackjack and poker allow communication among the members, hence leading to a socially lit atmosphere.

Government Tax Revenues

Although it is sad for the gamblers, that they’re taxed based on their winning, this money benefits the country. It increases the social status of the country and increases the country’s economic value. You’re also contributing to be a good citizen by paying your share to the government that has allowed to you enter a casino and gamble away all your money. Apart from casinos, the government also offers lotteries that can gain them profit in ways we can’t imagine happening. All these activities, help build a country’s economy and generate billions of dollars every year.


Most of the time, the media and the online world advertise and amplify the ill-effects of gambling, and it is of course essential to highlight the hazardous nature of the activity and keep people informed. However, they’re always missing out on the right points, like the advantages they have on the country or the mental health benefits of responsible gambling. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose money. If you’re strategic about how much you want to spend in a casino or an online gambling site, then you can keep the ill-effects at bay and concentrate on having fun.

Everything you need to know about gambling addiction

Gambling is insidious of all the behaviours human possesses because it gives the illusion of easy money-making, which, on the contrary, can lead to financial ruin. No doubt, gambling is both fun and entertaining activity, but only when done in limits. However, when anything ‘fun’ and ‘interesting’ gets out of hand, it solely becomes a problem. The same theory is applied in the gambling world as well. It is called compulsive gambling or problem gambling. Read more to find out everything about gambling addiction.

Types of gambling addiction

Since gambling involves various activities and games, so does gambling addiction. It is not always easy to spot a problem gambler because it can be anything from buying a lottery ticket or betting with a friend, to slacking entire day in front of the slot machines or blackjack tables.

One type of gambling addiction is the addiction to earn more money due to financial issues. It can occur when a person feels the need for more money and the only way to achieve it is by betting lumpsum amounts, with the expectation of gaining back the same or a more substantial sum of money. Unfortunately, this seldom happens, and they one end up losing their investment.

The next type of problem gambling arises due to choosing the emotion of gambling high, that occurs when you’re on a winning streak. Some are just addicted to the feeling it provides when there is a win or even loss as they get the calling nerve to bet more amount into it.


Causes of compulsive gambling

  • Emotional needs
  • Desperation and greed to earn more money
  • Social status of being a successful gambler
  • The entertainment it provides

Signs of gambling addiction

Although like mentioned above, it is not always easy to spot a problem gambler as the intensity of addiction varies from one person to another, some sure shot hints scream ‘addiction’. They are:

  • The need to be secretive about their gambling whereabouts and routines
  • Gamble despite having no money
  • Putting relationships at stake for gambling
  • Continually increasing the stakes to win higher amounts
  • Gambling to escape emotional, financial and other personal problems.

Risk factors involved

The risk factors involved in compulsive gambling are:

  • Mental health issues: They will tend to have mental health issues, and they’re not just limited to depression or anxiety, but also other conditions like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder etc.
  • Medical conditions: It can lead to medical conditions that need immediate attention. Patients who undergo treatment are usually provided medications that are used to relieve restless legs syndrome and eliminate Parkinson’s disease.
  • Involvement among family and friends: Although it sounds stupid in theory, it is medically proven that a family history of compulsive gambling can be passed on to their offsprings and generations as well.

Treatment and Prevention

For many problem gamblers, it is a problem to quit gambling, but the biggest challenge is to contain themselves permanently from gambling. Online gambling’s’ popularity, with various games available at the tip of your fingers, it is often a task to keep them in radar. However, appropriate and necessary steps need to be taken to ensure that they do not develop the habit again or relapse.

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